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Keep Fit #1

Everybody wants to look good, to be slim and not do to much in order to achieve this!
 Is that even posible?? I am not a person that eats only healthy food exclusively, 
I cross the "healthy" border every week with a a glass of Coke or a slice of Pizza not 
to mention a candy bar once in  a while or a delicious slice of cheesecake...ummm yumm! 
BUT! Still I am careful what I eat on daily bases and most important I drink a
 loooot but  a  looot of whater! 
The other important way I maintain my weight under control is by going to the
 gym regularly. Every week , sometimes 3-4 time , sometimes only 2 because 
... let's be real we all  have other things to do and they really get in the way of our 
desire to keep fit!

TESTING - Rival de Loop

Since we've moved to Germany we discovered not just new places, customs, 
way of life and people but for me the best discovery so far is the big range 
of cosmetic products and sweets that usually I don't  find back home in Romania  !