Apr 17, 2014

I Love Handmade

I love Handmade! I think it's the best way you can get a piece of jewelry or accesories, even 
clothing, that is totally original & unique! I have a few close friends that master this art
of handmade jewelry & bags and I totally admire them since I can't even put together
two beads in a cute thing, I just don't have it in me! In order to do them you must
 have talent and you really have to like it & be very creative!

Apr 15, 2014

Reteta sigura pentru calatorii memorabile

 M-am trezit greu, primul gand al meu a fost "CAFEA!" apoi am aruncat un ochi pe fereastra
 sa observ ca am parte de o dimineata innorata....de parca nu era de ajuns ca m-am
 trezit cu greu - vreau doar sa stau sub plapumica in continuare!
Mi-am adus aminte ce aveam de facut pt astazi fooarte foooarte important -  sa caut 
zbor pt luna de miere!  Nu va dau inca detalii, va fi 
supriza - aflati mai tarziu :) insa nunta e in Oct si cam toate sunt pregatite iar luna
 de miere trebuie pusa la punct pana in ultimul detaliu!
Si cum de fiecare data cand trebuie sa calatorim cu avionul automat gandu
imi zboara la  AEROTRAVEL !

[EN] It was one of those days when I just find it hard to wake up and get out
of bed, I was thinking just at "coffee"! Cloudy morning, bad mood and I just wanted 
to stay in bed! But then I remembered I have to book a flight for our honeymoon!
All things related to the wedding are almost done but the honeymoon is still
in processing ! The wedding is this year in Oct but I will not reveal more
until the time is right!
For me when it comes to travelling & flying AEROTRAVEL is the way to go!

Apr 9, 2014


[RO] Buna dragelor! Surprinse? Da stiu nu am mai scris de mult in Romana pt ca am ales ca toate articolele sa fie doar in engleza, pOate am facut bine poate am facut rau insa a fost o alegere de moment prin care am si usurat procesul de postare.
Am ales sa va scriu de data aceasta in ro din nou deoarece am hotarat sa iau parte la un
proiect care pe mine una m-a cucerit de cand am aflat de el! Este vorba de concursul 
lansat de cei de la Orkestra. In principiu este vorba despre ceea ce face ca un blog sa 
functioneze si sa simti cu adevarat cu poti culege roadele muncii tale de blogger si anume

Blog Spring Orkestra 2014  vine astfel cu aceasta provocare sa ne sustina in ceea ce facem!

Mar 27, 2014

Life's too short to wear boring shoes

Isn't that so true? Life is short, there are so many things that I want to do & the 
only thing that is stopping me is the lack of time! But here & there I get away from this
 busy, crazy , short life & I take a moment for me, my blog & my readers!
So in the spirit of "not-wearing-boring-shoes" instead pf buyng a pair of white 
sneakers - as I intended at first when I went shopping - I bought these burgundy ones
 that really made my day!

I had a great time taking these pictures, I woke up, ate a pretty big breakfast & then
 I saw the Sun shining, so I called some friends & we went out for coffee & photos of
 course! I really like Dusseldorf - which is now our hometown - it is such a perfect mix 
between crazy crowded streets & stores with these perfect green parks & places where
 all seems more quaiet & peaceful!

Got my coffee & we're ready to go!
Wearing: Bershka - Aviator Jacket / H&M - Skinnies & Sneakers / Atmospehere - Bag

Enjoying coffee with friends in the hart of Dusseldorf  - Schadow Strasse

When I started getting dressed I thought that I must wear something that will make
 the sneakers just pop-up! I think an all-white look could have done it better, but I 
had this mood for grey so I chose it instead! There is not more to say about the look, 
nothing to fancy, just simple comfy ouftfit for a walk with the girls!
Stay fashionable !