#OOTD Honeymoon

Honeymoon - Barcelona: 1st Day


My favorite morning accessory is coffee :) 

Selfie while shopping :)

Vogue's Fashion Night Out - Dusseldorf


I've announced you in an earlier post (see it here: VFNO) that the shopping event of 
the year - Vogue Fashion's Night Out - will take place on the 5th September in 2014
for the sixth time in Dusseldorf! And so it did! 
Much more than "just" a session of "Late-night-shopping", a wonderful event welcomes 
VOGUE editor in chief Christiane Arp their guests. Your guests - the same people on the 
streets around the Königsallee shopping and thousands of fashion fans in their stores 
personally welcome will be called just an hour later, so among other things, Willy Oergel 
and his team at Breuninger. The new luxury department store for the first time part of 
FNO and debuts with numerous beauty and fashion campaigns as well as an exclusive 
parade of Talbot Runhof.


 Jährlich Anfang September in Düsseldorf noch viel mehr als "nur" Late-Night-Shopping

auf der Königsallee. Die Fashion's Night Out ist das Shopping-Event des Jahres – und 
findet 2014 zum sechsten Mal statt. 
"Die Fashion's Night Out in Düsseldorf ist ein Fest. Hier kann man sich treiben lassen – von 
einer wunderbaren Veranstaltung der Einzelhändler zur nächsten", begrüßt VOGUE-
Chefredakteurin Christiane Arp ihre Gäste. Ihre Gäste – dieselben Menschen, die nur eine 
Stunde später auf den Straßen rund um die Königsallee tausende Shopping- und Mode-
Fans in ihren Stores persönlich Willkommen heißen werden: so u.a. auch Willy Oergel und 
sein Team bei Breuninger. Das neue Luxuskaufhaus ist zum ersten Mal Teil der FNO und 
debütiert mit zahlreichen Beauty- und Mode-Aktionen sowie einem Exklusiv-Defilee von 
Talbot Runhof.

source: http://www.vogue.de/

Keep Fit #1

Everybody wants to look good, to be slim and not do to much in order to achieve this!
 Is that even posible?? I am not a person that eats only healthy food exclusively, 
I cross the "healthy" border every week with a a glass of Coke or a slice of Pizza not 
to mention a candy bar once in  a while or a delicious slice of cheesecake...ummm yumm! 
BUT! Still I am careful what I eat on daily bases and most important I drink a
 loooot but  a  looot of whater! 
The other important way I maintain my weight under control is by going to the
 gym regularly. Every week , sometimes 3-4 time , sometimes only 2 because 
... let's be real we all  have other things to do and they really get in the way of our 
desire to keep fit!
That's it for today, I will come back another time with 
other simple tips to keep in shape!

Pictures source: My Instagram

OOTD - Shades of Grey

Wearing:  ASOS Pants & Sneakers // VERO MODA Official Hoodie // Zara Top


TESTING - Rival de Loop

Since we've moved to Germany we discovered not just new places, customs, 
way of life and people but for me the best discovery so far is the big range 
of cosmetic products and sweets that usually I don't  find back home in Romania  !
This time , while searching for body lotion in Rossmann -  a big chain of stores
with mainly cosmetic products  - I found some new interesting products from
Rival de Loop, actually their own mark and at amazing prices I found the 
perfect black eyeliner & the BB Nails protective top-coat that I am
very happy about!
Find more about Rossmann stores here:
and they also have their own beauty blog that I love reading, see more here:

Daily updates on Instagram @fashionable.streets

In the Park

One thing that I love to do whenever I have some free time is to read, usualy I get to this 
in the weekend and in summer time I love it even more  because I can do it in the park, 
by the pool or on the beach & it's even more pleasant!
I usualy read whatever "falls" in my hands it may be a novel that I received as a 
present  from a friend or "the hottest book on the shelf" in the library, this time I 
started reading  +Fifty Shades of Grey because it was such a fuss about it on the
 internet & in the magazines so I had to read it! 
I admit it's not my usual type of read...but I like it!

Eine Sache, die ich liebe zu tun, wenn ich etwas freie Zeit ist zu lesen, und im Sommer
 liebe ich es noch mehr, weil ich kann es im Park am Pool oder am Strand tun!
Ich lese, was in meinen Händen "fällt" oder "das heißeste Buch im Regal" , diese Zeit
 ich begann zu lesen + Fifty Shades of Grey.
Ich gebe zu, es ist nicht meine übliche Art von Lese ... aber Ich mag es! 
Wearing: +ASOS Sneakers // +Sheinside StreetFashion  Jeans // +H&M T-shirt