Monday update - 1st week of January 2022

 The lockdown life continues ...

So last time I posted it was April 2020  ( also known the year of the COVID pandemic) at that time we were in quarantine & I was still pregnant !

Now it’s January 2022,  COVID spreading in Europe like crazy fast & lockdown starting in almost every country ! 2 years later  & it doesn’t look any better ,  actually it’s worse , but we’ve learned to deal with it ! It was challenging being pregnant in a pandemic but now having a new born is even harder , because you have to make sure you stay healthy for your baby & your baby too! There are new types of COVID appearing & the numbers are crazy high ! We live in Germany , we are not allowed to meet more than 1 person at a time & you have to wear a mask in stores & public transport!

We are thanks God healthy & everybody in our family is ok , we try and keep being positive & spend a lot of time in nature , keeping distance from others. 

I love being a mother & I am learning so much from my baby girl , she is helping me become a better person  !  The time flies & she is now 18 months & she started walking , talking & we have all our teeth 🦷, we eat solid foods , she even helps around the house😅 I am absolutely in love with her !  

I want to do a post on the birth wich even in pandemic times was amazing & I hope I can inspire other women with our story because it really was amazing & went more than perfect ! I am so blessed & thankful for everything! Hope I have time soon because you other moms out there know that life with a baby is challenging & time is limited!

I’m  gonna let you with some pics now as usual from the past weeks just to keep you up with the news. For daily activity follow me on Instagram !  

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