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Wat Arun - The Temple of Dawn - Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun - The Temple of Dawn

          The one thing I really loved about Thailand was the many beautiful buddhist temples, from the smallest ones to the biggest, they are all just breath taking! And believe it or not, there are over 31200 Buddhist temples spread around Thailand !!!

          In Thai these are called wat. One of our favourites was the Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, in Bangkok! It is named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. 

         Sitting majestically on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, the legendary Wat Arun is one of the most striking riverside landmarks of Thailand. Despite the name, the most spectacular view of the glittering monument can be seen from the east side of the river at sunset, when the spires of Wat Arun make an impressive silhouette against the skyline.

        According to their official website this temple is an architectural representation of Mount Meru, the center of the world in Buddhist cosmology. Thousands of miles in height, Meru is located somewhere beyond the physical plane of reality, in a realm of perfection and transcendence. 

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