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Pregnancy style - What clothes I wear #27weekspregnant

Hello lovelies & its nice to see you again here on my blog! I took some time away from the blog as we were trying to get pregnant & at the begging of the pregnancy because it was a busy time & it was rough 1st trimester for me with my pregnancy as  I have told you in my pregnancy announcement post here:

But now I'm back I will try to be as active as possible to keep you up with my pregnancy and of course shopping for baby stuff! Today post is about pregnancy clothes and maternity style! It was important for me that even if I'm pregnant I can continue to wear things I like & be stylish but also feel comfortable ! I am not a fan of pregnancy clothes so my goal was to keep on wearing the things I have without buying special maternity clothes , but there are some things you do need to buy being pregnant and here is my list of must have maternity clothing items :

- maternity leggings  -
 I also have worn normal leggings at the beginning,  but starting week 20 it gets difficult so pregnancy leggings are the answer & they are not that expensive, I have linked for my my favourite leggings from h&m that are also very affordable :

H&M X Pringle of Scotland leggings & cardigan - OtherStories T-shirt

Calzedonia Leggings - H&M Teddy Coat , Pullover  - OtherStories T-shitrt

- new sport attire  & bathing suit - 
if you are going to be active as usual, for me they were in order because I continued doing yoga and going swimming , doing sports or being active in the pregnancy is very import and good for you as long as you can do it !

- a few new bras ! -
 boobs are getting bigger once you get pregnant & that was actually my first sign something was going on with my body :)) all of my old bras didn't fit anymore and my chest was hurting! That is when I dit my pregnancy test and found out I was actually pregnant!

- new underwear -
panties if you feel the need, it wasn't the case for me because I usually buy very comfy underwear & usually the seamless type so the work amazing during pregnancy too

- new comfy baby bump friendly pyjamas - 
I bought mostly dresses & shirts to have the baby bump at least at nights free of any distress

- T-shirts, sweatshirts & blouses  - 
I usually like oversized ones so didn't need to buy new ones just wear my usual ones

- skirts & dresses - 
same here with the oversized you can just wear the normal ones, like I do & I have some elastic tube skirts or high waisted skirts with stretch in them , so they work perfectly, some of them even if you are far on in the pregnancy.
 Dresses - also stretch bodycon dresses I wear them even now with 25 weeks. also babydoll dresses or even tops are the perfect solution for a stylish pregnancy attire! And since I had already had this kind of pieces in my wardrobe I really did not buy any new or special maternity skirts & dresses

Stradivarius Dress regular size

Monki Dress regular size

OtherStories Dress

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