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Last days of Summer - Meersburg

32 degrees on a weekend here in Germany is not something that happens very often,
 not even in summer! So to our delight the last weekend of this summer was a true 
summer! So what do you do when you have such a good weather?? 
Oh well, I don't know about you but we usually pack our bags & we head to the nearest...
 lake :) since the sea is not so close to us here. So an awsome weekend with friends 
at Bodensee  - very known lake in Germany & a very beautiful place I might add now
after visiting a few of the cities that are to be found on it's shores.
The weather was amazing! Sun was shining so bright like it knew it was the last over
30 degrees Celsius tempereture for this year at least ... I hope! :))
There is not much to talk about the look: a sleeveless striped turtleneck & denim
shorts + the most comfortable fancy shoes I found on sale at  Luisa Via Roma
 and most important sunglasses!
But more in the pictures!



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  1. great photos :)

  2. Great pics.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest VLOG

  3. such gorgeous photos love ur hair! xO!



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