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V from Venice

I am so late with this post, more than a month I think, but Venice can be visited in any
time of the year & since I got some time - between work & other travel trips -  I
 thought it was about time to post the pictures already!
There are many places that we have visited & many more that I would love to see,
but Venice was one of the places I just had to see at least once in a lifetime,
so my lovely hubby made the planes and here we were - in our car & on our way
 to Venice!


If you are looking for a description of Venice, oh well.., there are a loooot of them on 
the internet that you can read & find out more about the "technical" info's , so I'd rather 
tell you my own personal impression of Venice: the architecture - amazing! - even if a lot
of the buildings are pretty affected, mainly because of the humidity, the weather - pretty
...weird! How can I explain it...the air humidity is so strong that it feels like a  pressure 
 on the body & it can be pretty treaky on your breath, it's not that bad but it does make
you feel a little tired & we got pretty sweaty & red in our cheecks :))
I don't want to make it sound so bad , but let's just say it's better to visit Venice in 
the morning, not like we did in the evening. And since you are there a good italien
beer is must + pizza !
an awesome location to visit in two in my opinion. Venice is well known for it's romantic
air and don't miss a ride on a gondola, it will worth the while!
More in pictures!


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4 comentarii:

  1. amazing pictures! I visited Venice a long time ago but only for a few hours. I definitely have to go back there! :)


  2. so gorgeous! xO!


  3. Such a great sharing, deft in my bucket list...
    Instagram @grace_njio

  4. Venice is unique. Love your photos
    Check out my post about it as well.


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