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The Sleeveless blazer


The sleeveless blazer is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a must have fashion
 object and also a functional piece that can take you from day into evening. 
Styling a sleeveless blazer might seem complicated but it's really not, and 
what I really love about it is  that it can be worn as part of an ensemble, 
or on its own ! My favorite way to wear it, is as a dress accentuated with a belt 
for step-up day into evening.  This is how I wore it while we were on holiday 

as we had dinner in the lovely town of Trogir - in Croatia. 

Trogir was a must see for us, since it was another one of the cities where
  +Games Of Thrones was filmed. In the series, Trogir represented the trading harbor
 of Qarth, “The Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be”. It was the place where
Warlocks of Qarth managed to imprison Daenery’s dragons, before finding their own
 grim fate when her revenge took place.

Now Back to our statement piece - the sleeveless blazer - can also be worn as a 
daytime look with jeans & a simple monochrome top (black or white), also a 
favorite of mine is wearing it with a turtleneck sweater or also dress!
 For a chic Dinner outfit you can just wear it over a LBD (little black dress)

So ? What's your favorite way to wear the sleeveless trench ? 

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6 comentarii:

  1. wow what a great time! xO!


  2. Croatia is an amazing country...
    Love the photos...

  3. I totally agree with you. It's a great piece to have.


  4. You look so cute!!I miss those summer days...


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