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Friday Faves - Rheinturm

It is already Friday today and finally a new Friday Faves post is up!
Between work, holidays & everyday activities I got the time to write on the blog too,
today I'm talking about one of my favorite places to go in Dusseldorf: the Rheinturm - the 
TV tower on the Rhine - we go there everytime somebody from friends & family visit us because it's the best place to see Dusseldorf from above, at day or at night! Last time we 
were there on day time  - see the post here! - and this time , as Daniel's parents visited us 
for the first time , we went on night time & the view was absolutely amazing!
Enough with the talk, now the pictures will talk for me!

E deja vineri si asta inseamna ca postarea Friday Faves e gata! A trecut ceva timp de
cand am postat FF dar iata ca am reusit , printre servici, concediu si organizarea de acasa
sa postez din nou pe blog. De data asta va salut din Rheinturm Dusseldorf - mai precis
turnul de televiziune - pt ca de aici ai parte de cea mai frumoasa vedere asupra intregului
oras Dusseldorf! Pana acum am fost in turn doar pe timp de zi - vezi aici postarea! - insa de
data asta am mers pe timp de noapte si a meritat pe deplin, orasul arata fenomenal cu
toate luminile aprinse!
Dar de ajuns cu vorbaria, pozele vor vorbi pentru mine de aici inainte!

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  1. wow looks so fun! xO!