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#travelwithme to Rotterdam

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty full, a bit of work, a bit of
work out, some cooking & shopping, pretty much all the time busy!
But today's post is about last week when we visited Rotterdam & the weather
was still pretty cold so don't wonder if you see me wearing a coat & a beanie! 

We have visited Holland before but Rotterdam was left out until last week!
So after checking we established our destination points in 
Rotterdam because we were there just for a day & we wanted to get the most out
of it in these few hours we had available, as you can see in the pictures!

So out of the 10 things to do in Rotterdam according to TripAdvisor 
we got to do only 6:

 - Euromast Tower -

The Euromast was built in 1960 by architect H.A. Maaskant and contractor  J.P. van 

Eesteren, to mark the occasion of Floriade, the international flower  and garden exhibition.

- Erasmus Bridge -

The Erasmus Bridge (Dutch: Erasmusbrug) is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge
in the centre of Rotterdam, connecting the north and south parts of this city, second 
largest  in the Netherlands. The bridge was named after Desiderius Erasmus a prominent
 Christian renaissance humanistThe 802-metre-long (2,631 ft) bridge across the 
New Meuse was designed by Ben van Berkel and completed in 1996. The cable-stayed 
bridge section has a single 139-metre-high (456 ft) asymmetrical pale blue pylon
 with a prominent horizontal base, earning the bridge its nickname "The Swan".

- DE Rotterdam - 

De Rotterdam is a building on the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, designed by 
Rem Koolhaas in 1998. The complex is located between the KPN Tower and 
Rotterdam Cruise Terminal and was finalized at the end of 2013. On 21 November 2013,
 the municipality of Rotterdam, as the largest user, received the keys. 
The design provides space for offices, a hotel and apartments. The 44 floors amount 
to a total floor space area of about 160,000 m²,[1] making it the largest building
 in the Netherlands.

- Wilhelminapier -

Wilhelminapier is a small peninsula, located at the south bank of the river Maas at 
the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. One modern building after another has risen here since 
the beginning of the new millennium and this makes Wilhelminapier the icon of 
modern Rotterdam!

 - New York Hotel - 

The well-known Hotel New York can be found at the end of Wilhelminapier as well. 
This hotel used to be the headquarters of the Holland America Line (HAL), but now
 you can relax here at their outdoor terrace and enjoy the great view at the river Maas.

- Delfshaven - 

The town of Delfshaven grew around the port of the city of Delft. Delft itself was not 
located on a major river, so in 1389 a harbour was created about 10 km (6 mi) due
 south of the city, to be able to receive seafaring vessels and avoid tolls being levied
 by the neighbouring and competing city of Rotterdam. This settlement was named 
Delfshaven ("Port of Delft").

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