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#travelwithme to Brugge

Hello dolls! 
         I haven't talk to you ladies in such a long time - last time I posted it was March! Now it's May & I finally made the time to take care of my blog again! Don't worry I won't give up on posting here, but I was also visiting my family in Romania so between work, holiday & traveling I did not really got the tie to write here! 
         But if you also follow me on Instagram you would know that I try to be as active as I can there so don't miss my posts there!

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           Right after we came back from our holiday we took a one day trip to Brugge, Belgium - it was  on our travel list since like forever so it had to be done!
            Brugge is such a wonderful cities - it has something dutch & something German - plus  it reminds me a bit of Amsterdam because it also has some water channels between the old centre houses! When in Brugge the local oyster dishes & Belgian fries are a must!
           When it comes to desert do go for a traditional Belgian waffle & do try out the best chocolate pralines ever!!!!!

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