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#travelwithme to Venlo - Holland

Every time we visit Holland I realise how much I was wrong - at first when we started 
living in Germany I said german is the most difficult language ever & I will never ever 
manage to understand a word of it! Oh well that's how I least
 until I heard Dutch !

I remember very clear my first days in Germany... last year in January when we moved 
here, the hardest thing for us was understanding the language. We have never learned 
german at school until that moment & thank God that my husband's job is entirely in 
English - that's even why we moved here in the first place ! 

I also remember watching TV & not understanding a single word ! And I thought to 
myself "I will never ever learn this difficult language!" But here are I am here after 
1 and and a half year speaking fluently german , traveling once again to Holland, 
 listening to the radio & once again - NOT UNDERSTANDING A SINGLE WORD, 
luckily of Dutch this time!  :))

As you might know from the previous #travelwithme posts,  we have visited Holland 
many times before - Roermond,  Amsterdam,  Keukenhof & Eindhoven are the cities 
we've seen so far . We really love Holland , it's so clean & beautiful,  amazing places 
to see at every corner plus I just loooove  their architecture! 

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So the list goes on today with Venlo - another beautiful city in the Netherlands. 
A great place for shopping too, thanks to its very good prices, especially at the 
2 BrĂ¼der von Venlo store ! Plus is very close to Germany & they have very good coffee !

Find more about the  store online at


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  1. Such col photos !

  2. Wow!! Amazing photos <33 Now my sister is in Holland :) Amazing country ;)
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