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Hy lovelies, if you are following me on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram you must
know by now that we traveled back to Romania on friday, but just for the weekend,
we had to attend a wedding and also take care of some papers.
So I decided to share with you some of the pictures we took while we were on the
 road & even more give you some tips on what to wear while traveling. 
If  you're flying from one place to another like we did these days & you get
tired , that doesn't mean you can't be fashionable & comfortable at the same time!
Actually that is what my blog is all about: being comfortable while fashionable!


So here are some very important tips I apply everytime:
- never wear high-heels, always go for flat shoes, comfortable, for example balerinas, 
slip-ons, comfy boots or even sneakers.
- add a cute top, here is where you can get really creative, you can choose silk feminine
 tops, cotton basic black or white t-shirts, tees with message on them, or even more go for 
lace.  I chose a distressed tee with a cute message from the Lion King.
- jeans are always a good idea, but they don't have to be just blue - go for other colors to:
grey, black, white etc. 
- I also avoid belts, and masive jewelry because I do not like spending time taking them off
and than putting the back on at the aiport , it's not just for me but also I try not to 
slow down the other people that are travelling, it's a bit unpolite.
- and to close it up always finish the look by draping a jacket over your shoulders,
which for me lead to instant chicness!

That was it! Hope you enjoy the blogpost & use the tips


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  1. Daca e ceva ce urasc cu adevarat in viata asta este zborul . Nu ma intereseaza carti , telefoane , ipoduri....un Xanax daca se poate ( din pacate nu ) :)). Imi place tinuta care ai ales-o , foarte chic!


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