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Hello lovelies!
If you have read my blog before you must know by now that me & my hubby are 
travel addicts ! Sometimes we don't really have the time to do what we want, 
because of our jobs but at least on the weekends we try to reach out new destinations.
 Last weekend we visited Venlo in Holland & this time we visited a very beautiful city 
from Germany - Mönchengladbach - with a beautiful architecture that captures the
 times of castles & kings ! But more about that in the next #travelwithme blog post, 
today I just wanted to share with you what I wore while on the road. 

I used to think being on the road to a next travel destination is not ment to be a 
moment to wear something cute or fashionable, but just for sneakers & basic t-shirts 
that can make you feel comfortable.  In time I realised I can be comfy & fashionable 
at the same time even when we travel to new places. So this time I chose a super cute 
Boho shirt with lace details, very feminine + jeans & white lace slipons & believe me
 I didn't just feel comfortable but I also felt good. 


A warm cardigan & big bag are the 2 musts to a travelling look - because you don't 
know  when the weather changes & you need a lot of space in your bag for an 
umbrella & other important stuff :) (also for the huge camera in my case).
So that was for today, enjoy the photos & stay close for news & new posts here 
on the blog but also on :

Twitter .

Have you read the #20yearsofBalea blogpost?! If not find it here:


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  1. Love the short.

  2. love this outfit!
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  3. Lovely shirt and I love the entire outfit, especially how it looks with the fluffy cardigan! <3


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