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10 Blogs I read weekly

As a blogger myself I do read other blogs, most of them I've been following for such 
long time even before I even thought I would blog to one day! I made this list with 
the blogs that I never miss - when I have the time - on a weekly basis & that I will read
for sure always! I do read other blogs of course, many more, and I read  a lot of the 
blogs from my followers too, so if you are a follower please leave me a comment with 
your newest posts & I will sure check it out!

Now back to my list!
The list contains 3 big categories: Lifestyle , Fashion and Home Decor!
I've prepared some links for you with the blogs & some photos, if there is 
somethign you like I recommend you all of them, with no exception because
over the time I've always found something interesting & even useful on these 
lovely blogs! So enought with the words, enjoy your stay!
In February 2012 Carin moved to Paris for a few months — during four to be exact. 
Today Carin is based in Paris where she works with her blog and as a photographer, 
focusing mainly on fashion. Carin has worked with clients such as Christian Dior, Gucci, 
Elie Saab and Carolina Herrera and has also photographed for magazines like 
Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appetit Magazine, among others.
"Fashion, Design, Photography, Bikes and the People I Love."

Sincerely Jules is one of the very first blogs I started following, it's nice to see
in every time of the year summery daily looks , clean & simple style is what defines her!

A simple blog with daily outfits, it looks more like a look book than a blog
but I like her versatile style a lot!

There is no point on telling you anything about +Chiara Ferragni from The blond salad
she is known world wide as one of the most influential fashion bloggers!
Most of you have for sure heard of Garry Pepper Girl! I love her blog it's always filled 
with gorgeous photos & haute coutoure looks!

I do not read a lot fo home deco blogs, most of the #homedecor inspiration I find on 
+Pinterest   but there are two decor blogs that I do follow weekly:

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  1. Some of the bloggers you wrote about are new to me so I will have to check their blogs.
    I really liked reading your post :)

  2. I was just surfing on the net and suddenly I found your blog. I couldn`t leave your page without letting here some words.
    I would like to say that I`m so happy to read such a blog full with vitality and kindness. The best part is that you show us a real life without to much photoshop.

    Best wishes, Edina

  3. Girl with beautiful autumn style
    Thank for this post.See my site about men fashion: gia cong so mi


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