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Makeup Basics

Hello my dear ladies I am here for you with a short weekend post! Hope you like it!
When it comes to make-up I have to say I am not such a huge fan of the heavy colorful 
style. I usual go for natural look, maybe smookey eyes & red lips.
A well organized makeup bag can help you go from basic work look to an overnight
 partyand it doesn't have to be a huge suitcase of makeup products!

So here they are, the basics:

BB Cream a.k.a. Beauty Balms, are a hybrid of a skincare treatment of a tinted 
moisturizer, a primer, and most contain SPF. Perfect mixture for a flawless light to 
medium coverage that really works for me!
The concealer or the cover stick is a girls best friend, it helps hide that pesky
 blemish or to perfect certain  areas of the face so it becomes an everyday must!

The Blush - I think there are no explanations required here! 

Just another must-have! (even more better when it's a duo bronzer!)

Lip gloss it provides a beautiful shine with just a hint of color that 
can be flattering on all skin tone!

Eyeshadows are the ones that help us go from day to night look, just one 
color swept across the lid is a great basic look. 

Eyeliners make your eyes just pop & the eye lid also looks fuller! 
You can also smudge it for a softer effect.

also make the eyes pop, dark lashes frame is today a staple for every woman!

Makeup Removing Wipes

Don't forget to clean each night before bed, this is the easiest way of removing makeup!

A good makeup brush set must contain a blush/powder brush, flat shadow brush, 
blending brush, angled brush for liner and brows, and a smudge brush.

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