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The Plimsolls

The plimsolls - or short solls - are according to Wikipedia "a type of athletic shoe with 
a canvas upper and rubbersole developed as beachwear in the 1830s by 
Oh well... they have come a long way from that point until today's fashion trends, the solls
 are now to be found in so many shapes, fabrics & colors to make every shoe-lover happy !
I was "hunting" for a pair of plimsolls for a while now & I finally found them at 
New Yorker - black, kinda' snakeskin & most important of all comfortable!
I bought them + other cute things with this lovely
voucher that I won at New Yorker - but more about that in another post!

So today is all about this babies, #ootd is just a black & grey look to make the solls
come out & you can really see even from the pictures that they really are comfortable!
I can jump in them as much as I want :)) my hubby was pretty amazed at how much 
I can jump up & dows just to get a good picture , he was as always patient with me
& he even bought me roses - sweet no?!!

And because I felt like I can also do something sweet for him too I decided to whip
 some cream, add some strawberries, candles & romantic songs so we can have a nice desert
more special than the usual days - it was a kind of "thank you" because he always supports
me in everything I do - love you babe!

Shop the look:

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5 comentarii:

  1. Ce draguta e poza in care sari! <3
    Si eu imi doream de mult timp o pereche, prima data i-am vazut la Ingrid (de pe Youtube), ea avea Vans si am tot cautat in Romania, dar nu am gasit nimic pe gustul meu deocamdata :D

  2. Such a pretty post, i love it! I have the same plimsoles as well :)

  3. Sunt super papuceii <3
    Te pup :*

  4. Thanks dear ! I'm following you back :)


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