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#travelwithme Haus der Geschichte Bonn

Hello ladies, how was your weekend?
It's such a  shame that the weather was so lousy these days, everyday raining,
but stil we tried not to let this get in the way of our plans of traveling!
So this weekend our new destination was the gorgeous city of Bonn!
We got on the train with some new friends we made here in Germany and
headed first to Cologne - Koln, where we made a stop & changed our train
in order to get to Bonn. We have been to Koln before & I love this city,
another beautiful city on the Rhine river that has such a wonderful architecture
and it preserves some of the most beautiful Churches I've seen in Europe!
But more pictures & info about Cologne you can read in the previous 
#travelwithme posts directly from Cologne:

Hallo liebe Leser, wie war euer Wochenende?
Auch wenn es ein Regenwetter war,  haben wir unsere ersten Pläne verfolgt und 
so sind wir nach Bonn gefahren. Wir haben zuerst mit dem Zug nach Köln gereist und
 von dort sind wir direkt zu unserem Ziel gereist.
Wir sind  schon zweimal nach Köln gewesen,  es ist eine schöne Stadt am Rhein, die Sie
 besuchen muss, wenn sie nach Deutschland kommen!
Aber mehr Bilder und Infos über Köln können Sie in der vorherigen
#travelwithme Blogpost lesen:

We arrived in Bonn and we imediately took the U-bahn aka Metro here in Germany,
From the central station we arrived directly to an underground station where the
actualy Haus der Geschichte Bonn begins, it's so cool that just as you get off the
U-bahn you enter the museum! The entrance is free & they even
have a coat check service where you can live you coat , a nice souvenir shop &
at the finish of the tour you get directly to a small chic coffee place where you can rest
your feet, because belive me  - you will sure need it! Why?
Well the museum has 4 levels! Yes 4 levels that get more interesting by the meter!

Vom Hauptbahnhof in Bonn sind wir direkt in Haus der Geschichte angekommen!
Es ist so cool, dass man das Museum direkt von der U-bahn eintreten kann!
Der Eintritt ist frei, das Museum hat 4 Etagen und es gibt auch ein nettes Souvenir-Shop 
und einen  Café , wo man sich die Füße erholen kann, denn glauben Sie mir - Sie werden sicher brauchen!

Haus der Geschichte Bonn 

You will see cars, clothes, shoes, war munition, electronic devices, dolls, cosmetics, cameras, politic figures, a panzer (german war tank), a restaurant with a jukebox & 
even a small cinema theater ! It has everything & I mean EVERYTHING!

The Mercedes-Benz Type 300 were the company's largest and most-prestigious models
 throughout most of the 1950s, often referred to as Adenauers after Konrad Adenauer
the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Kitchen tools made from WWII munition, what about that egg cup 
made from a ... hand-grenade ?!

The beginings of the very known cosmetics companies

 All around the museum you can find electronic information centers & also audio stations !

A piece of the Berlin wall

A replica of the first Bundestag - the constitutional and legislative body in Germany

Some weird form of Art somewhere arround the 80's

The first TV transmissions in Germany after the war

Flower power-hippie VOLSKWAGEN  Van 

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