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Standfor - Talk your walk!

Hello ladies I am here today with something new, something revolutionary !
I love fashion but also I love taking care of my health, I try to have a healty lifestyle,
I don't smoke, I exercise weekely  & I watch what I eat!

So it is my pleasure to introduce you to an innovative footwear collection:
Standfor is a new footwear brand that unites fashion and meaning!
It was such a pleasure for me to be one of the very first people to see this collection 
& they gave me the opportunity to share this with you guys - my lovely readers!

So you can check the world premiere presale right now :

The shoes are very colorful & with a fresh look, the collection is divided in 6 categories:
Fertility / Breathe / Passive / Leaf / Out / Literal
and you get them as boots, ankle boots & the classic shoes!

The Fertility collection:

"It is public knowledge that smoking affects fertility. The colorful lines on our shoe signify
 the happy path to ovulation, the beautiful moment that will become the greatest miracle 
of all: life. For that to happen in the best possible conditions, it helps if you smoke less."

The Passive collection 

"Our designer’s inspiration for the PASSIVE line came from how he feels whenever he 
enters a room full of smoke: dizzy, nauseated sometimes and always with a feeling of 
receiving a poisonous second hand gift in the shape of smoggy clouds. 
As a former smoker, he can appreciate that."

So what is Standfor? It's an amazing concept that has broght many people 
together in the attempt to stop or reduce smoking!
You wouldn't wear something that looks bad on you no? So why smoke?
You know it's not healthy & not good for your inside, just take a moment & think about it:
 all beauty comes from within !!!

I love this collection, it's fresh, new & different, plus it supports a healthy lifestyle!
That is the most important for me & those close to me  - HEALTH!

Fashionable Streets & Standfor PRESALE


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2 comentarii:

  1. Love it!

  2. Fantastic concept. Fantastic shoes.


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