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#travelwithme - Brussels

This week my fiancee had the best gift ever for me  -  a trip to Brussels!
It was amazing! The pictures will speak by themselves, such a beautiful city so diverse
 both in people & architecture. The weather was pretty moody , with rain here & there 
but also warm & sunny, such a weird combination it was like nature was trying 
to accentuate even more the feeling that we've got by walking on the streets of crowded 
Brussels! You could see new high modern buildings, abstract & imposing but at our next
 step we stumbled upon great old buildings with a lot of history within their wals! AMAZING!
Complex & so diverse we could not get enought of it!

Place des Martyrs

One of my top favorite locations was the Botanique Jardin, because I just love nature & for me the botanicals garden are always a main point of interest!

Of course when in Brussels you must try their belgian waffels, chocolates & sweets...
I think I got some kilos on just by looking at them ! 

And no travel is complete without shopping!
Until next time don't forget to enjoy life & be fashionable !

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5 comentarii:

  1. Wow! It is so beautiful over there!!!
    Great photos!
    visit me soon on

  2. Ce poze frumoase! Pare un oras superb <3
    Mi-as dori sa am ocazia sa il vizitez :D

  3. Buna Iuliana!

    Foarte frumoase pozele!

    Eu una iubesc Bruxelles-ul,am locuit 2 ani acolo si de fiecare data eram fascinata de ce puteam vedea si invata...

    :* :* Roxie T

    1. Este un oras minunat! ce grozav ca ai locuit acolo <3

  4. Ce poze frumoase Iuliana !!!! Mi-am adus aminte de gustoasele Waffle din Bruxelles! Te pup si te urmaresc cu drag ♥ Andrea xoxo


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