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Vacay - Lisbon

         We finally got to visit LISBON (or Lisboa how the Portuguese say ) - it was on my #mustsee cities in Europe since forever & this year could not go by without taking a trip to gorgeous hot Portugal!

          When in Lisbon be prepared to walk a lot! -  and I mean aaaaa looooot! - it will be worth the while because the city has so many monuments & gorgeous buildings that you just have to visit!
         Rua August is the perfect place to experience the Portuguese lifestyle - filled with people , stores & various restaurants, here and there street performers , the Rua Augusta has it all & at its end - heading to the Tagus river you find the Rua Augusta Arch!  
            Being one of the places that gives you the best view over the city & the river Tajo it is sure to take your breath away! It opens up to Praça do Comércio  - the largest of Lisbon’s mighty plazas that is positioned on the edge of the Tagus estuary. This location was traditional where traders would sell their foreign wares and financiers would fund perilous expeditions to the far reaches of the known world.

            Another amazing viewpoint over the city is from above Santa Just a Lift - where you can go by foot and don't pay the 4.5Euros  - or with the "Santa Justa Lift" elevator where you have to pay for a very short elevator ride! But more pictures & infos about it in a future post!

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          LUVARIA ULISSES is a glove shop founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues Simões, an entrepreneur with a profound understanding of the habits of the people of Lisbon. As a Lisbon city council executive between 1919 and 1923, he requested authorization from the Government to construct shops in the neglected area of the Carmo Wall. He kept the space corresponding to no. 87-A, to himself as he immediately envisioned an establishment there that, notwithstanding its small dimensions, would nonetheless constitute a reference for this city, as did ULISSES mythology. 
      That is how ULISSES was born. It is located in Chiado, the noblest commercial area of Lisbon. It was idealized to serve the most demanding society of that time and has since then been known for its high quality products. The decoration of the shop, which remains intact since its foundation, is comprised of empire inspired furniture perfectly integrated within the neoclassic facade.

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  1. beautiful impressions! i would love to visit lisbon once!


  2. Danke für die tollen Tipps! Das sieht alles so schön aus��
    Ich wünsche dir einen tollen Start in die neue Woche!
    Deine Maj-Britt


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