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#travelwithme Praia da Adraga

         Can you imagine living by the beach?!! Oh my God that would be like a dream come true for me! I Love the beach, who doesn't ???!!! This particular beach in Portugal just stole my heart - I'm talking about Praia (beach in portuguese) da Adraga - which is known as one of the best beaches of Portugal mainly due to the stunning scenery of cliffs, jagged rock out crops and golden sand.
       Situated 18km north of Cascais and 13km west from Sintra. Due to the semi-remoteness of the beach there is virtually no public transport, so visitors will need the use of a rental car to reach Adraga beach.
      The ocean was restless the day we visited Praia de Adraga and it made the view even more dreamy. So after walking on the gorgeous beach and having a swim in the agitated ocean , as the sun came down we had the most delicious fish soup I've ever tasted , right there on the beach shore!
       Ah-mazing! Can't even describe that feeling, if there is something that I love as much as traveling and taking pictures , that is eating! Yes! I love eating, trying new recipes at home & experiencing new dishes wherever we travel! And having this fish soup on the beach shore was one of the best meals in my life! Not just for the soup - it did was amazing - but also for the amazing scenery ... just speechless !

       I think I did not take that many pictures ...or maybe they are too much for some people :)) ... in my opinion I did not get to take that many (usual I take almost hundreds of a new location we visit!) well I was so captured with the place, the oceans sound, the breeze &  the view that I just enjoyed it for a while and even forgot about my camera!
          Hope you enjoy the pictures & wish you all an amazing new week ahead!

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  1. you look so beautiful! lovely photos of the beach~~~ wish I had a beach near me =( so jealous!



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