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Shopping in Roermond

 If there is one place I love to shop when the sale season starts - that is in June till late August - well that place is Roermond in Holland at the McArthur Glen outlet ! Since this is the nearest McArthur Glen, that is where we go every summer, we do live in Germany but there are only 3 outlets in Germany & the funny thing is the one in Holland is the closest to us :). As you may notice in the pictures I am wearing a t-shirt later on as it gets dark, because it was getting a bit colder so my tank top was not enough to keep me warm. 
            The outlet is situated exactly in the centre of the town & it has a huge parking area plus from there to the old town centre in walking distance is just 5 minutes! So after we were done shopping we took a walk in the old town & had a delicious dinner at one of the many chic restaurants  - ass you will see in the pictures!
       On their official website you can find all locations - the outlets are to be found in Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium , Canada, UK , Italy , Greece & France!
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