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Birthday Party

Last Friday was my birthday & it was also the firt time we celebrated it in our new 
apartment here in Germany, joined by our new friends! It's not easy moving in a new 
country, learning a new language and having no friends or family close, so after 2 years 
this party was like celebrating not just my b-day but also getting together people from all 
over the world that we had the luck to meet here & having together a wonderful time!

It was a multi cutural party for sure :), my self and Daniel *romanians* hosted a greek
themed party in Germany :)) add people from China, Germany, Japan & Polland to have
a wondeful mix of beautiful, smart, funny people! It was great!
So my birthay was on Friday , but that wasn't the end of the party, because on Thursday 
had already began the Carnaval here in the North Rhine-Westphalia part of Germany.

Karneval, Fasching, Fasnacht, Fastelabend? They are all one and the same thing: 
pre-Lenten festivities celebrated in grand style in mostly the predominantly 
catholic regions of the German-speaking countries. 
The Rhineland has its Karneval, Austria, Bavaria and Berlin calls 
theirs Fasching, and the German Swiss celebrate Fastnacht.

People will celebrate in costume at various carnival community events and individual 
parties. Carnival parades abound, it is literally the weekend for people to live it up.
Rosenmontag - The largest and most popular carnival parades take place on the
 Monday before Ash Wednesday. These parades come mostly from the Rhineland region.



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  1. happy belated birthday!
    looks like you had fun


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