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#travelwithme Duisburg

(n,) a strong desire or urge to wander 
or travel and explore the world

The beautiful thing about travelling is that you collect moments & live adventures
that will remain with you forever ! Plus you get to keep the awsome pictures
or videos that you capture on your trips!
That's why we also bought a selfie-stick :)) it was a true must for me & my hubby
since we are every weekend on the road, looking for new places to visit!
Since most of the times we travel alone, we always find ourselves with a 
problem: we don't have pictures together! Now, with the help of our brand 
new selfie-stick this problem is solved!
The last place we visited was the cute little city of Duisburg, it was only a one
 hour drive road but we had a lot to see not just in the city but also in the
The thing we always do before visiting a place is checking out TripAdvisor 
we always have a quick look on it for the top 10 places they recommend,
of course we did this for Duisburg too, here are the top 10 places to see:

We got to see almost all of these important points, but 3 were my
top favorites!

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

Pick your #selfie stick!

Rathaus Duisburg

 Innenhafen Duisburg

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