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Ripped Jeans

There are moments when you need to get out of this busy-crazy-energy consuming
 routine that get's in the way and your mind and body just get tired. It's ok to work, 
do the usual things in everybody's life but you need to have your personal moments, 
that's why from time to time I like to let all things asside and just enjoy life! 
The perfect way to do that for me is to travel, I like to get in my car with friends or
 familly and drive to beautiful place, take awsome pictures and re-charge my

That is what I did last week by travelling to the gorgeous city Sibiu - I will share
 more pictures from Sibiu in the next post, so stay close! 
I had a lot of fun with a friend of mine that also took this beautfiul pictures for me 
untill it got late and dark outsite!

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6 comentarii:

  1. Its do true we all need to recharge ourselves. Beautiful imsges you look as beautiful.

  2. its so dark when I wake up and it's getting dark when I come back home:-( don't like that.
    Btw nice jumper


  3. Great jeans honey! You look awesome :)

  4. cool jeans! xoxo


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