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This weekend was so much fun at the wedding of two of our closest friends, 
the day started switch the civil wedding which took place in town and after that
we drove to Olanesti -  a balnear resort near our town - where the next ceremonies
would take place - the religious ceremony & wedding reception.
Before the ceremonies we helped the bride to get ready and we made sure all
 the last details for the wedding are put in place!

The religious ceremony took palce at a beautiful Church Monument in Olanesti,
the  views were wonderful and the ceremony was breath-taking, also the
 bride & groom looked wonderful!
At the church I wore a H&M shirt with Zara nude sandals & high-waist black skirt.

After the religious ceremony we moved on to the actual wedding reception at 
Hotel Maria restaurant where the party began and we enjoyed every second of it
until the break of day!
For the party I wore a SuiteBlanco flora & peplum dress with a pair of
burgundy leather sandals from Zara.

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8 comentarii:

  1. what a beautiful event! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness I lost this post so much! Partly because I might be a little obsessed with weddings and partly because it just seems so happy and bright.

    The dress you picked out for the event is really pretty and I love the floral print :)

    xoxo -B ♡

  3. Wow great pictures beautiful bride and you look amazing doll.

  4. Foarte frumaosa tinuta. Casa de Piatra mirilor ^_^

    Happy to hear form you :)



  5. These photos are so amazing!


  6. the church looks beautiful

    Wish you a great weekend

  7. sunt foarte reusite :))))

    1. nu ai pt ce, tocmai am intrat si pe FB la SharpShooters si am mai vazut cateva poze, sunt DEOSEBIT DE REUSITE! Asteptsa vad mai multe poze cu voi din Berlin!


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