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Digital Divas 2013


Oana Pellea  - Actress

OVIDIU BUTA - Director GQ and the founder of Fashion&
ANDREEA ESCA - Director editorial The One

Avon pink beauty produts for the Breast Cancer Crusade

        I'm now sitting in my bed with the laptop by my side and while it's freakin' hot in the room I'm still reminiscing the great atmosphere and breezy air at Digital Divas 2013  by Avon! 
       After a few hours of driving on Thursday, I finally arrived to Bucharest and I was so eager to take part at my first blogging event on Friday morning, so you can imagine how hard it was hard for me to even get some sleep! 
       In the morning I woke up with the best feeling in the world, I haven't even got to the place that the event was hosted =  Biavati Club - and I already started feeling like a diva :)) in a good constructive way!  Since I'm not from Bucharest I used the GPS to get there and I managed to find the place so easy and arrive in time for the registration - I was so happy when they gave me my name tag with the blog name on it - it was a new feeling for me and I really enjoyed every moment of it!
      As I entered the location I was taken away by the beautiful arrangements and the pink details everywhere, and on the transparent chairs  ( yeah I know !! transparent!! :) nice no?! ) were waiting for us  - the bloggers a.k.a. digital divas - cute pinkish notebooks from Avon Space.
     Since the first Session I was captured by the speakers that Avon has brought to the event and I was just like a sponge - absorbing all the info that came my way from these beautiful, intelligent & successful people -from each & everyone I learned something new and exciting! 
     For me all the driving and non-sleeping paid off! I enjoyed every second of the event and arrive physically tired but recharged mentally & spiritually !
I hope you enjoy the pictures and leave your comments about what you liked more from the pictures & my story! 

P.S. - In some pictures you will notice that I am wearing a different pair of shoes :)
the peep toes were killing me so I changed into something more comfortable!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the experience with us it looks so beautiful with pink the accent color. Love all the images.
    Glad you had a great time.


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