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Wallnut filled dates - Healthy Sweets

       There is nothing more delicious and healthier than this easy sweet snack recipe! I found out about this recipe from one of my favourite influencers Song of style  - find her blog here: -  she always makes this healthy snack when she travels or when she has friends visiting her!

          It's so easy and everybody can make it,  not expensive at all you just need dates and wallnuts!

1. you split the dates in two 
2. fill them with wallnuts
3. add everything in the pre-heated oven for 10 minutes on a medium heat level.

 When you are down done just let them cool off and serve them cold!
They are absolutely delicious and healthy -  no added sugar, no nothing!

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I also added my insta-stories for you to get a better idea of how they are done!

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