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The parka issue

     The idea of getting through the winter months without a solid coat is a like imagining a summer without going to the beach!Right? The perfect parka is just crucial to combat the freezing temps Mother Nature throws our way.
      Actually the Parka coat was originally created by the indigenous Inuit people of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska, as a functional way to protect themselves from the harsh arctic conditions. The US military adopted later on a green version of the jacket, with traditional fur hood, for its simplicity and practicality.

   In the UK, it made its way  into the history of pop culture. Iconic photographs of mods on scooters during the 1960’s bank holiday riots, The Who’sQuadrophenia album cover and the 90’s Britpop movement have kept the popular jacket alive, and even today it is becoming more popular year after year.
     Whether you’re attending a summer festival or need a winter essential, the Parka coat will have your back, literally.

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  1. Luxurious park! I love such fluffy hoods! I look after myself a similar park, but I can not find the ideal model.


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