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 We all have bad days & we mainly have them when we have the most free time & instead of using it for positive things we just lay in a pool of bad thoughts!
Why do we do that?! Oh well, maybe because it is always easier to lay in bed like couch potato instead of doing sport or taking a walk in the park! We forget that out there in this world are other real problems & ours are just children stuff! And instead of whining we should just do something for ourselves! We just forget that happiness is not a purpose but a state of mind & it depends on us if we reach it or not! So I decided to share with you some of the ways I use to fight a bad mood!

(to be served alone or with good company)
The first on my list & most beloved as you may notice in my Instagram posts
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I just love to take an extra 5 min to make my breakfast look amazing & make a better start of my day & if you are not the type to do so you can always go have a good looking breakfast with a friend at the nearest place - it really doesn't cost that much & believe me it is worth it!

2. GO OUT!
The worst thing you can do is to stay in & just lay there! Go for a walk or a run! Around the block or in the park, shopping or visiting a friend , it doesn't even matter just go out!! NOW!

A hobby is very important in the life of a healthy well developed person! I can't even imagine my life now without my blog, without cooking, traveling & my photography! This are my passions & they bring me first of all pleasure - who knows with time it can even bring you more , like my blog brings me now. You have to find something that brings you pleasure in your free time, I really don't understand the people who do not have hobbies! what do you do with your free time, watch tv??!!!
What a sad life must they have...

I don't know if this one works for others too but for me works like a charm!
Cleaning the kitchen or reorganising my shoes, bags, closet or make-up drawers helps a lot!
It just make me forget all the trouble & I start doing my thing while hearing some good music!

t may seem odd that I put this 3 together in the same category but for me a relaxing bath, a bubble bath, aromatic candles, or a good movie or book even better than the movie :) this things bring me the best relaxation. 



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  1. i had to translate this page to understand, but these are very cool tips! thanks!!! xO!


  2. It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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