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        If there is something I really started to appreciate more & more as I got older that one thing is my time! Spending my time doing things that matter to me & with people that I care for is very important, so any type of way to spare some time with less important things is very welcomed!
        For example shopping in December with all the holidays & the craziness in stores it is almost impossible to manage your time right - just waiting in line to pay takes forever, not to mention long waiting lines at the dressing rooms... so for me the smartest way to shop in December not just for me but also for gifts is online shopping! What do I shop for ?! In December mostly for sweaters! Scarfs, shoes & bags also but pullovers are my main target!
       Every winter brings new favourites to my closet like this year the new sweater from Shein which I am in love with! It can't get any better - stay at home, shop all you want & get your items straight at home! 
        Hope you like my sweater & see you in 2017! Have a wonderful New Years Eve party!

I was wearing:
Asos faux leather pants
Zara wool coat

More gorgeous sweaters on SHEIN.COM

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5 comentarii:

  1. i am loving this sweater weather too! xO!


  2. Love the coat! Great outfit!

  3. Iarna aceasta griul e la putere!!

  4. What a nice dress,maybe next time ,you can try Robes en Dentelle this website.last month,i bought a dress the same to you,the quality is very good and the price is very low!!


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