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#travelwithme to Atomium - Brussels

Last weekend we made a short trip to Brussels - Belgium. We stayed over 
the night & visited a local tourist point that we have wanted to
see in while the Atomium!
Our stay was short but full of lovely moments in two! First of all I have to
say I was really suprised about the hotel arrangements that my husbant 
booked! We stayed at Beverly Hills Hotel in the Audrey Hepburn room!
Isn't that something! And if you did not know this - Audrey Hepburn, one of my
film darlings was actually born in Bruxelles!

Beverly Hills Hotel 

We had a delcious italian dinner at the 'Paparazzi" Restaurant, situated
just a few meters away from the Atomium - our next stop!

The story of the Atomium is, above all, one of love, the love that the Belgians 
have for an extraordinary structure symbolising a frame of mind that wittily 
combines aesthetic daring with technical mastery. The appearance of the Atomium 
is unusual and unforgettable. It has a rare quality of lifting everyone’s spirits 
and firing their imagination.

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  1. love brussel! visited once

  2. Love Audrey Hepburn! I can't wait to visit that city.
    Katharina ||


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