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Nautical Look

Navy blue, stripes, comfy loafers & a chic hairdo - those were my choices for last
weekend, while attending a street food festival in our local town.
The navy look or nautical is one of the trends that will never go out of style & it
is also a perfect way to create a chic look that can make you stand out but can be
comfortable at the same time!
The nautical look is loved by stars & most of all by the blue blood princesses ,
 because it is always in style, elegant & so easy to achieve! But you will also have to be
careful not to over do it !
After all you don't want look like dressed up in a costume - it's not Halloween yet!
The most important elements to create the navy look are:
- blazers : red, blue, white or striped, it goes either way!
- stripes in all forms when it comes to tops or dresses - not so much for pants!
- but don't forget denim & flat shoes of course! High heels not that much...\
- cashmere sweaters with a V neck are also a must!

Navy blau, streifen, bequeme Schuhe  und eine schicke Frisur - das waren meine
Auswahl für die letzten Wochenende, als wir zum Street Food Festival gegangen sind.
Die Marine-Look ist einer der Trends, die nie aus der Mode kommt und
 auch bequem sein kann!
Der Marine-Look ist einfach zu erreichen, aber Sie müssen auch darauf achten,
nicht zu Übertreiben! Schließlich wollen Sie nicht wie ein Kostüm aussehen  - es ist
noch nicht Halloween!


Blazer here
 Loafers H&M similar here
Jeans ASOS here
 Blouse ABOUT YOU here

Blazer here // Loafers H&M similar here // Jeans ASOS here // Blouse ABOUT YOU here

Back to the street food festival -  it was pretty full & we had a lot of options
from insects :)) to soups, international specialties  all brought together in the same
place for us to just enjoy!
Good music, fantastic flavours all over the places were just drawing you to
get closer & taste them!But more in the photos!



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6 comentarii:

  1. Love the chic navy and stripes look. The food looks delicious. I like the black and white pictures at the pretty. :)

  2. Ce dragut e outfit-ul. Te prinde foarte bine :)

  3. Love the combination of white and blue! And stripes are always a good idea!



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