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#travelwithme Corfu Island

On the ferry boat - destination : Corfu Island!!!YEY!
 1st day
 We are here!!! Loving the view! Can't wait to go for a swim! 

 Day 3 
1 Having fun all day on the gorgeus beach of Agios Giorgios!
2&3. Dinner : Moussaka, Sofrito, Souflaki...don't really remember which one is which! :)

     Day 4
From Paleokastritza to Sidari - having fun in the sun and enjoying 
Greece's wonderful nature&dishes

 Day 5  
Boat trip to Blue lagoon Corfu

Day 6 
Dinner in Corfu Town 

Day 7
1. ATV adventure ! 
2. From the beach to the Old Corfu Fortress
3. It's time for dessert!

The best vacation so far for me was 2 years ago to the Corfu Island in Greece, but since
 I've started the blog only in December , last year I haven't had the chance to share with 
you this wonderful experice!
In Greek literature and mythology Greece is known as the land of the Gods, with
 such a great history and so many beautiful places to visit it was one of the "MUST SEE"
 places on the map!
I just love greek mythology and I must tell you that the island is bound with the
 history of Greece from the beginning of Greek mytholog, Corfu is a greek island in the 
Ionian Sea,  its greek name is Korkyra and according to a myth :  Poseidon - god of the 
sea - fell in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, daughter of Asopus and river nymph
 Metope, and abducted her and brought Korkyra tot this island and named it after her: Korkyra! 

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