In Monday update

Monday Update #1

Hello lovelies! Been missing last week because I was visiting my family, but here I am now ready to post some new photos. A weekly update is first on the list, but more posts are yet to come, so keep on following!

I'm waiting for you on my youtube channel here!


Motivational wallpapers for your Mac & iPad & iPhone are waiting for you in the previous post:

1st coffee on the balcony ! Super weather in Germany

1. home made smoothie // 2. love my new cinema Lightbox // 3. memories from Barcelona
4. backing is my passion // 5. focus. // 6. on the streets of Dusseldorf 

No mornings without COFFEE!

ONLINE SHOPPING every single week! :)) 

 Having a wonderful day with my ladies before leaving , with churros at

 We finally had a week of from work & went to visit our families back home in Romania! #flyinghome

 OOTD while shopping with mom in my hometown //  +adidas Originals 

1. coffee at my parent's house with my mother // 2. hometown vibes // 3. home sweet home 

 - instastories moments -

 Flying back to Germany 

1st on the to do list:  Fish&Chips

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