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I have always had problems with my face skin! That is for sure!
My mix skin has it's crazy days & I always have to change products,
this week I may need some hydrating face cream because my skin is to dry,
next week I have to use something to calm down my red spots & acne!
Always trying out new products to find a solution to my red spots, acne
and dry areas that peel off, this time I decided to try out a professional salon
solution  - CELLNIQUE !

"By focusing on providing effective and results-proven beauty solutions to
 its exclusive salon partners and customers, Cellnique Paramedical is the first
 paramedical salon brand in South East Asia and the expert in problematic skin 
that will turn your complexion from inside out to flawless, radiant skin."

Since my problematic skin is always stressed out & it needs a serios treatment
I received the SOS Repairing Duo Pack  for for all skin types of all ages.


The duo pack contains :

"Regenerate and repair skin cell while restoring skin to its original healthy 
state in no time. A vibrant, firmer, and smoother appearance will be achieved
with continued use."

What I say ! 

Until here I have only unboxed the package wich is really cute & comes 
together with a black cosmetic bag & a suprise! What I really love about
the products is that they contain natural ingredients like snail mucin
and Hyaluronic Acid & even better they don't test on animals!
Plus they promise a 7days satisfaction assurance, so I'll tell you
more about the results after 7 days of testing !

I started using the duo pack yesterday evening, my first impressions:

- the texture of the Repairing Cream is very delicate, I love that
it's fast absorbing & it has a wonderful smell, not that strong!
- the Repairing Elixir is even more fast absorbing  & it gives you
 a fresh feeling, not sticky & the smell is also pleasant!

Get the products here!



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  1. Nu am auzit the acest brand dar sunt bucuroasa ca l-ai prezentat in aceasta postare.
    Asteptam mai multe detalii dupa ce o sa il folosesti o perioada mai lunga.