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#unboxing Balea celebrates 20 years

Hello lovelies!  I'm so happy that I can share this post with you today! Balea celebrates

 its 20 years Aniversary & this lovely package arrived a few days ago at my door. 
I decided the best way to unbox it is here with you my dear readers! 
First of all I have to tell you that once with its 20 years anniversary the Balea mark 
from Dm is giving it's clients 20% discount on all Balea products!  Plus for those living 
in Germany & want to make a new payback card you will receive many surprises ! 

More on :

Now back to unboxing, my lovely box contains:
1 thank you card for our collaboration 
 1 Balea Shower & Cream - blueberry & violets - that smells absolutely amazing!!!
1 Balea  Body Lotion Lemon & Vanilla
1 cute key chain with Balea's logo 

I can't wait to try the products & share with you my opinions! 

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  1. Beautiful products! I'm your new follower # 266 you like to visit my blog?