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#LiveLaughLove our favorite place

Hello darlings!
How was your week so far? Mine was pretty normal, doing the usual: work, cooking,
spending time with the hubby , blogging & of course a loooot of instagramming!
Follow me there for daily updates:
And between them planning the next "move" for our weekend :), where to eat, what 
to visit which events are going to happen in our area & so on! Almost every week 
we go to or favorite place CafĂ© & Bar Celona - here we find delicious spanish dishes
that we love so much since we visited Spain during our honeymoon in Barcelona!
They also host lovely evenings with music or special menus! 


And the coktails are an absolute delight !


Find their facebook page here:

While looking for the newest events in town & arround I stumbled upon the perfect 
place to find local events & more : I LOVE IT!
But wait! It's more than that! You can even add your own event,
and you can design it as your heart pleases you & sell tickets in the blick of

Create a customized event page. Promote your event and track attendance. 
Sell tickets and manage event registration.

From backyard barbecues to classes to conferences to world-renowned music festivals,
 Eventbrite provides event management software for events of all shapes and sizes.

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