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#travelwithme to Amsterdam

There's for sure nothing we love more than travelling, and if last time we visited
Keukenhof - in holland, which is the biggest flower garden in the world - this time we
saw Amsterdam , an opposite to the delicate flower garden :).
Crowded streets, noisy amusement parks, narrow alleys in the red district and weed 
shops :) oh well every place has it's beauty after all. I did like the water channels 
throughout the city , it looks a bit like Venice.
The famous hollandaise cheese, waffels & other specialties can also be spotted in most 
of the shop's windows, delicious treats that make you stop, stare & buy!
But more in the photos!



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11 comentarii:

  1. Nice post! I can't wait to go and visit Amsterdam! xx

  2. Amazing photos !

  3. Amazing Post Love your Collection....
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  4. Hi Juliana!

    You captured some gorgeous images of the city--oh, those deserts are so tempting!!!

    Kiss kiss,

    adorn la femme

  5. I so wish I could visit Amsterdam. It is such a lovely city! :D

  6. What a nice trip u had! Love the pictures and the vibe, kisses

  7. love Amsterdam! have great memories! Can't wait to go back!

  8. OMGOMGOMG! I love your photos from Amsterdam.
    When I travel I always pray for good weather because I want to be able to take many photos. Looks like you spent a great time in a sunny Amsterdam.:)