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Our wedding - PHotoshoot & Party

Hello ladies, I have been promising for a week or two that I will share with 
youthe last photos from our wedding & here they are , finally !!!
Until now you've see the civil ceremony & the church , so here are the ones from 
our photoshoot & from the actual party!  The first set of picture you can see on:

It was an amazing day, I only dreamed about this day & I cannot belive until today

 that all my dreams came true! With a bit of planning & atention to details you can 
really pull it off beliVe me!!  We did it & we are so happy, no regrets just fun & I get 
tears in my eyes & butterflies in my stomach everytime I see the photos & videos!

Everything went on so good, everything worked as planned and you can see
from the pictures that everybody had fun - there was no melt off, no drama & no 
mistakes, I just can't belive it  - since I've went to so many wedding before & also
 been a bridesmaid so many times :) I knew for sure that something 
"has to go wrong!" - well it wasn't  the case, so here is my advice to all y
ou future brides:

- do everything you want
- keep constantly in touch with the people in charge of everything 
to make sure nothing goes wrong (flowers, location, food etc)
- to avoid problems do a test probe for make-up & hair
- enjoy the moment & forget about the stress
- remember this is a "once in a lifetime experience"  
don't waste it by stressing too much
- ENJOY every moment


The "LOVE"  on a string was made by me & the flower bouqet also my own 
idea -  thank God I found a very good florist that could do whatever I drew :)

Also the MR & MRS in heart frames were my idea after searching a lot of
wedding ideas on +Pinterest 

 Don't forget about funny pics with friends - we have a looot of them ,
 you won't belive how much fun it was & it really helped us relax 

Our Wedding 
Getting ready for our photoshoot!

Some details are really important for the photoshoot , for example this 
"the bride" bathrobe , it was such a cute detail & I love it!

Make-u & hair are really important  - thank God I had the adorable 
Mihaela P to take care of everything & make  my dreams come true!

The Party

Our dream ball-room  - funny thing it has been opened just the year we 
decide to plan the wedding & we were so happy about it!

The wedding dance is really important - I know some like to do this funny 
moments  & combine it with a walse or something, I even thought about that 
but I'm happy I didn't do it, because belive me if you just keep it classic & have 
romantic dance you will send such a wonderful feeling to the guests & it's such
 an  emotional moment that it's a shame to make it a "funny thing"- you do have
 the whole  wedding to do whatever you like, funny dance or like I did sing with
 you best friends :) It is so nice to see it on video & so emotional.... 

The oldies but goldies always bring fun to a party - just look at them enjoying
 the "Cotton Eye Joe" song :)) 

The wedding cake - also made after my own drawing - since the ball-room 
was all with purple details & the flower arangements were purple too
 it made sense that the cake has purple flowers & I love the idea of having one layer
 of cake one of flowers and so on...

We danced until the morning, the last guest left the ball-room at
 6.30 in the morning! It was amazing!

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  1. fantastic pictures. You guys looked gorgeous

    Kisses from Dublin

  2. Everything looks so lovely! Best wishes <3

  3. The pictures are just amazing, love them.


  4. wow wow this is awesome
    the pictures are stunning'
    you must have had so fun

  5. Oh my Gosh! So beautiful.. Congrats!! <3

    Julia |