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#travelwithme - Brussels

So here we are & the hubby on the road to a new destination!
But this time the destination is not quite  a new one - we have been to Brussels
 before, but we've never visited Le Palais Royale - The Royal Palace !

-   The GPS is set , iPod connected to the car & the music loud enought that I can  - 
- sing as much as I want & still don't cover the music with my voice :) - 

yes I sing a lot when I'm driving or I'm just the "copilot" )

As you enter the city you clearly realize the great mix of different 
architectures & buildings! 


Brussels is filled with history & development - you can observe that clearly from 
the many pictures we took - you have a gorgeous old palace with stone & elaborated 
green gardens, but also, just next to it lies the European Commission building, which 
is made just of steel & glass! 
New tall buildings make their way throught the old imposing buildings, but 
still they "survive" together in a weird noisy ... harmony...


So, hier sind wir wieder ... auf dem Weg zu einem neuen Reiseziel!
Dieses Mal war das Ziel nicht ganz neu  - wir haben Brüssel bevor besucht,
aber wir haben noch nie Le Palais Royale gesehen!

Brüssel ist voll mit Geschichte und Entwicklung gefüllt - Sie können, dass 
klar aus die Bilder beobachten.
Es ist ein wunderschönes altes Schloss und direkt daneben liegt das Gebäude 
der Europäischen Kommission, nur aus Stahl und Glas!

Eine interessante Architektur-Mix, die Sie nur hier finden können!

Si iata-ne din si sotul meu , in drum catre o noua destinatie!
Doar ca de data asta destinatia nu e chiar... noua - am mai fost in Bruxelles si in alte 
dati, insa nu am vizitat niciodata Le Palais Royale !

GPS-ul e setat deja, iPod-ul conectat la masina si muzica data suficient de tare 
incat sa ma acopere atunci cand incep sa cant...

( da cant mereu in masina - fie ca sunt la volan sau doar in dreapta )

De cum intram in oras se observa clar diversitatea cladirilor... in nici un oras din 
Europa - vizitat de noi pana acum - nu am observat asa un mix puternic intre
nou si vechi / istorie si dezvoltare!

Aici un palat vechi din piatra cu ferestre inalte dar inguste si gradini elaborate,
langa cladirea Comisiei Europene - doar otel si sticla!
Cladiri noi inalte isi fac loc printre cladiri impunatoare pline de istorie, si totsusi
toate "supravietuiesc" impreuna , parca intr-o ciudata armonie ... zgomotoasa...




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6 comentarii:

  1. Travel is always exciting.It can broaden our horizons and enrich our souls.

  2. wow! looks like a very beautiful city. thanks for sharing your impressions. reminded me a bit of vienna. i have stayed there some weeks ago <3


    p.s. win a 100€ shopping voucher!

    1. It reallly is, I love Vienna, passed many times through but I hope I stay once for a while to enjoy the views!

  3. traveling is the best thing, every human should have a chance to travel the world , nice photos and places
    check out my blog