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#Christmas Shopping Guide

But first: HIT PLAY!
Hello dear readers, today I am here for you in an attempt to help you with your Christmas
gifts shopping ideas!  I've got my coffee ready, the iPAd & the lovely roses - that I 
received earlier these days from my hubby - next to me so I can get more inspiration !
I like to surround  myself with beautiful things that inspire me & give me a 
positive energy!
The jolly season is here & the best part is we get to give & receive
presents from friends & loved ones! Isn't that just perfect?!
So let's get to it! You have 4 categories:
* for Her
 - if it is a girlfriend, sister or friend you will sure find an idea -
*for Him
- if it is a friend or brother, will work either way -
*Mom                    *Dad
If you find something you definitely like you can check the price & where you can find it 
just by clicking on the little heart on the product! Simple right?! So let's go!
Hallo liebe Leserinnen, heute habe ich für sie
 einige Weihnachtsgeschenke Ideen 
Ich habe 4 Kategorien für Sie:
* für Sie            * für Ihn
* Mutter                                          * Vater

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15 comentarii:

  1. Replies
    1. For nothing, can't wait to see your new blogpost!

  2. super postarea & nice ideas! :*

  3. There's just no Christmas without the right music :)
    Love this post!
    xo, Vicky

    1. You are so right! Good music always puts me in the right mood!

  4. Amazing gift ideas, my dear <3

    Have a great day,


    1. Thank you Nicole, I love your last post !

  5. Great post! Love the lipstick color & those purses :)

  6. very nice ideas!!!
    Love especially that bag and earrings! :D

  7. Are you using a german translater? it's really difficult to understand the german text and I'm a german native speaker.

    However, it's really nice post with good ideas

    1. I am just learning German & yes I did use a translator, but I will try to write just the things I know, instead of using the translator because it's confusing :) Thank you!

  8. love it