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Keep Fit #1

Everybody wants to look good, to be slim and not do to much in order to achieve this!
 Is that even posible?? I am not a person that eats only healthy food exclusively, 
I cross the "healthy" border every week with a a glass of Coke or a slice of Pizza not 
to mention a candy bar once in  a while or a delicious slice of cheesecake...ummm yumm! 
BUT! Still I am careful what I eat on daily bases and most important I drink a
 loooot but  a  looot of whater! 
The other important way I maintain my weight under control is by going to the
 gym regularly. Every week , sometimes 3-4 time , sometimes only 2 because 
... let's be real we all  have other things to do and they really get in the way of our 
desire to keep fit!

That's it for today, I will come back another time with 
other simple tips to keep in shape!

Pictures source: My Instagram

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  1. Great item to work out in.

  2. Ce postare draguta. Iar pozele si felul cum e construit articolul imi place tare mult :)

  3. Very nice tips :)

  4. Love the peach colors!!! Would you like to follow eachother on GFC? Let me know on my blog and follow me on my blog! I will follow you back immediately on both GFC and Bloglovin!