What's new in my closet

Sales sales sales!!! We all love them!! 
But how can we get the most out of them??!!
Well it's pretty simple actually - that is...when you can focus & don't run at the first 
cheap piece you see, just because of the low price & you can manage a lot of agitated
girls going through the racks as fast as superspeed-train! :)
It can get stressful but keep your calm on go on looking always with a critic eye open! :) 
The best part of sales is that you can really find pieces you usually think are expensive at
half of their original price. Well...maybe not always you perfect size but for tops you can
always wear 1-2 sizes bigger & they look even better!
Don't forget to take a look at your closet before leaving, see what's really missing,
you can find some nice items which you can complete a look you've got already!
If there is something you just can't find in you size check out the online shops too,
they also have sales in the same period as the stores so there are chances you can
find your desired item in the perfect size there!

 H&M deals: Off-white top with lace details 3euro // Black Pointed Flats 5euro // 
H&MConscious Collection Top 2euro

H&M Man Shirt // Zara Pecil Dress

While Shopping don't miss the boy's sector!!! Belive me, you don't know what you are 
missing! You can find a cute pair of short or jeans & just wear them as the real-deal 
"Boyfriend Jeans" not to mention the T-shirts & Shirts - an usual S man shirt will go
amazing as your comfy T-shirt anytime!
The cute polka-doted shirt I got from H&M's  Man Section & I love it!

So remember:  

- keep focus & don't stress !!! 

-  look for the real deals 

- search items you can complete other looks you already have in your closet

- check the online shops too! 

 - don't forget to give it a look at the man's sector

I wish smart shopping to you all!

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  1. LOVE the blue dress, i need to go to Zara and find it!!