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Army Look

LIFE is so complex & rich in experiences -  meeting new people, visiting new places
learning a new language, tasting new food - beautiful & not so beautiful sometimes...
The thing is : I have learned that in the end only the beautiful ones matter, 
but there is a flaw in every "plan" : from time to time it is easier to focus on the
 "not so beautiful" ones! I don't know why or how to change that but I'm trying to do it, 
mainly because recently I saw that it really makes me feel better! 
I'm more happy & I enjoy the good things this way !
...after all, it's not like we have thousands of years to spend on Earth & already we
"waste" so much time sleeping or in front of the mirror :))
So as an advice today - keep it simple, focus on the positives & enjoy the small
good moments - it will make a difference, maybe not now but in time you will
feel it more & more powerfull!
Now back to our usual bussiness: the oufit for today's post is the most simple
 thing in the world:
 - favorite pair of jeans + assymmetric blouse
- biker boots
- and some happiness! 
( which comes from the fact that I had so much green arround me!!! )
So simple no?! :)

You know what they say "less is more" & that is what I'm trying now to apply to my
wardrobe & personal style, because I really like it & I feel good this way & that is
the only thing that matters - to feel good with yourself!
I called it "army look" because of the blouse's color & the biker boots - it just got me that
feeling & I went for it , did't overthought it 'cause it can be a waste of time
& I want to use my precious time to enjoy other beautiful things!

Wearing: Deichmann Boots // Zara Jeans // H&M Blouse

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3 comentarii:

  1. this is the perfect combo for summer! xoxo

  2. Bluza e foarte draguta iar decorul ales imi place tare mult :)