Casual Monday

I'm writing this Casual Monday post on Tuesday 'cause yesterday was a pretty busy 
day for me so  I didn't get the time for it. I cannot stress enough the fact that I love to
 wear skirts & dresses so I will never let a bad weather get in the way of this. 
This woolen skirt that I have from Benetton is perfect for this weather and I mainly go 
by car so I don't get that cold anyway. Plus you know that  the perfect way to keep 
warm is layering ! That is what I did here & I love the final look, it's perfect 
for shopping or a day out with friends.  Until next time keep warm & stay close! 

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6 comentarii:

  1. you lovely, I really like your style!:) followed you! Would be great if you could check out my blog?:) xxx

  2. Great outfit love the vest you look beautiful.

  3. hi! nice blog!
    follow to follow?
    let me know!!

  4. this look is perfection darling! xoxo