It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas!

This weekend we took a trip to Sibiu to see the Christmas Fair & visit some friends
it was perfect because it also started to snow our second day there!
So much snooow! I just loooooove it! It was so cold the last days here & there was no snow
so I did not get that holidays feeling , now that it started snowing everything is perfect!
When I woke up in the morning & saw everything outside was white I just wanted
to go out & take some pictures !
Then the usual "dilema" : What to wear on such a snowy day??!!
The snow instantly got this fluffy sweater on my mind, and from there the whole 
look just came up! Simple & comfy so that I can enjow the snowflakes !
It's just mesmerizing <3 I'm so happy I got to enjoy that wonderful weather!
Also in this Christmassy mood :) I've searched all over the internet to get the perfect
gifts for loved ones & since I found some really great deals I had to share them
with you, so here are the sites I found great sales for this Christmas!

Get my look:

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8 comentarii:

  1. such a great look! xoxo

  2. Nie wiem skąd przyszło mi to do głowy, ale kiedy zobaczyłam te zdjęcia, pierwsza moja myśl to "królewna śnieżka" :D Zima Ci służy! Wyglądasz prześlicznie ;) ;)

  3. no u Ciebie to dopiero napadało :) lubelskie bez śniegu:) zapraszam do mnie

  4. My dear, I will never get enough when it comes to your personal style choices.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. Wow..!! Nice pics..
    This outfit is really fantastic. U look so pretty:)

  6. jakie piękne klimatyczne zdjęcia :) rewelacyjnie wyglądasz :))