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#travelwithme Sighișoara Citadel

Since a few days ago I showed you how to DIY the braided maiden hair (see it here if you've missed it) which has a medieval feel, I thought why not show you a beautiful medieval citadel from my beautiful country - Sighisoara Citadel! Sighisoara is a popular destination for tourist around the world, I was there twice untill now, and I would go again if I had the opportunity.

The landmark of the city is the Clock Tower, a 64m high tower initally built in the 
13th century as a Gate Tower. You can see it in the pictures below
View from inside the citadel - the upper side
View from inside the citadel - the lower side
(originally the gate to the citadel)
View from the opposite side 

Sighisoara is a 12th century saxon edifice and the historic centre of the city, one of the few 
still inhabited citadels around the world and it is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site!
A very interesting place to visit is the birth house of Vlad Tepes who was a three-time Voivode
 of Wallachia. Abroad, he's better known as Dracula, which can be translated as "Son of the Devil", 
or more accurately as "Son of the Dragon" - referring to his father Vlad Dracul, whom the Holy
 Roman Emperor Sigismund of Hungary made a knight of the Order of the Dragon in 1431 for his 
support in the Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 in this three-storey house at Piata Muzeului 6, in the 
city of Sighisoara, which now hosts a restaurant on the first floor.
The Covered Staircase is a very old stone staircase with a wooden roof along , it leads up to 
the Church on the Hill and the cemetery. The Church on the Hill contains many frescoes and
 a crypt,  which I find very imposing and austere. 
View of the city - from next to the Church on the Hill

The House with Stag is located on the square in the center of the medieval citadel, its name 
comes from the head with trophy of a stag placed at the top of the outside corner, which you can 
clearly see in the picture bellow. The mural painting representing the stag’s body in natural size, 
on both facades. The House with Stag is one of the oldest buildings in the citadel and the most
 interesting from the architectural point of view.  All over the time the house was inhabited, 
owned by important personalities with high public functions.

Hope you enjoyed this virtual trip trough a beautiful and close
 to my heart place in Romania!

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  1. such amazing places! xoxo

  2. Wonderful! I had in mind a trip to this place for a while now..hope I will fulfill it soon :D