Hy dear readers, (sounds kinda formal isn't it?!) :) hello dear friends is better! 
How was your day? Mine was pretty full, it started at work with my lovely pupils 
and a new computer lesson, today we learned more about Power Point and 
customizing Autoshapes (in case you did not know by now I am a Computer
 Science teacher and I LOVE WHAT I DO! ). 
All-in-all we had a lot to learn and after school I had some tutoring lessons (I also tutor English) with some beautiful and full of energy children, they give so much joy but sometimes they just get the best out of me and even all my energy ! 
Around 6 o'clock I finished with the tutoring and visited a good friend that makes
 these wonderful candy wrapper bags out of fashion magazines, and being such
 a nature lover I totally adore this eco-friendly bags!
 You can see more on her Facebook page if you would like to buy one, 
I have purchased 3 already! Here is her Facebook page !

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3 comentarii:

  1. Very nice back :)
    I really like it !


    Coline ♡

  2. Ce frumoase sunt, felicitari :X